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Dynutrition Blog

Dynutrition Blog

  1. The Sandow story

    The Sandow story

    12 people walked on the Moon, but only 11 won the Sandow in Mr. Olympia competitions. The Sandow is bodybuilding’s highest honor, but the trophy’s elusive story remains largely uncharted. In 1901, legendary strongman Eugen Sandow created “The Greatest Competition”, the first major physique competition the world had ever seen. The three top winners of the contest held in London’s...
  2. The Shadow Line concept

    The Shadow Line concept

    Everything’s a thought. Everything’s mental. You create your reality with your thoughts, make no mistake about it. We live in a virtual reality world and you build your story with your mind every single day.  I built this story: I wanted to be Mr. Olympia, I became The Shadow and I succeeded. My challenge is more spiritual now. I understand...
  3. DY Nutrition - About

    DY Nutrition - About

    DY Nutrition Global is an international company founded by the legendary six-times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Through DY Nutrition’s new Shadow Line supplements to be launched at FIBO 2018, Dorian Yates is taking sports supplements to the next level, just as he did with bodybuilding. DY Nutrition’s core mission is providing products for exceptional training performance. In doing so, our...

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