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With Dorian's Pack, you get

* Shadowhey - High-Quality Protein

* The Creatine - A must-have for any lifter that wants more strength in the gym

* Blood And Guts - For those moments when you just need a boost of energy

* A DY Nutrition Signature Shaker so you can blend all the supplements easily.

*An Official DY Nutrition T-Shirt

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Dorian's Pack - Shadowhey Concentrate, Blood and Guts, The Creatine, DY Nutrition t-shirt, DY Signature Shaker

Whey Protein Concentrate Shadowhey

Shadowhey is the highest quality whey protein concentrate available on the market, containing over 23 grams of protein per scoop.

Naturally high in BCAAs and glutamine, Shadowhey is rapidly digested and perfect for post-workout or as a convenient source of protein between meals throughout the day.

Available in a delicious array of flavours, Shadowhey is a genuinely great tasting product to look forward to drinking.

Pre-Workout Blood And Guts 380g, 20 Servings

Blood And Guts is a pre-workout nutritional supplement designed to boost focus, energy and strength during physical exercise, enabling you to push past your mental and physical limits.

Get the improved formula with more Beta-Alanine for increased stamina and Vitamin B3 for more energy. We made this product – now you need to DO THE WORK.

Get in the zone now with the Mind and Body pre-workout!

The Creatine

The Creatine is a combination of 3 grams creatine monohydrate and 3 grams of tri–creatine malate that massively increases training performance and overall strength in the gym.

Fortified with a subtle amount of beta-alanine and taurine, The Creatine enhances muscular contractions and improves cell metabolism, fighting off fatigue during your hardest sets.

The most effective and absorbable creatine formula on the planet - no loading phase required.

DY Nutrition signature shaker

DY Nutrition T-shirt

Join the legacy with the DY Nutrition T-Shirt made from 100% semi-combed Ringspun cotton.

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