Since using DY Nutrition products, my recovery in-between sets has definitely improved, as well as PB's. My muscles are now fuelled during pre, intra & post workout. HIT BCAA is a must for me, as well as The Creatine to get that burst of energy and speed.

I can definitely see a difference in my muscle mass since I started consuming 2 servings of Game Changer Mass gainer immediately after my workout, to avoid muscle tissue breakdown and build lean muscle mass.

Ricardo, #DYAThlete, UK

I have to be extremely selective with the quality of a product before I knowingly allow it to enter my body. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and ever since I’ve learned that quality must always outweigh quantity. I use the full range of DY Shadow Line products not only because it boasts quality in its ingredients but it also tastes as great as it looks and does exactly what it says on the label. Juggling work life, family life and training twice a day, sometimes 3, it’s essential to my health and well being that I’m able to use a formula that boosts by performance when it’s needed and can aid my recovery at the highest possible rate.

DY Nutrition’s Shadow Line range covers me with every aspect and does it all whilst satisfying my daily cravings with great tasting products. I’m able to perform at the highest state of performance knowing that I’m fueling my body with the highest grade nutrition on today’s market. I’m striving to become the best and knowing that I have a range of products to hand to fuel that gives me the confidence I need to help aid my goals and get me to the next level in bodybuilding.

Paul, bodybuilder - UK

Considering my intense training structure, the Shadow Line is helping my recovery intra and post workout, so I'm holding on to decent muscle tissue whilst cutting. The flavours are DELICIOUS.

I like to blend my Shadowhey ISOLATE or concentrate immediately post workout to avoid muscle breakdown. I absolutely love Shadowhey ISOLATE mixed with my oats as a pre-workout meal

Asma, #DYAthlete, UK