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One of the three macronutrients, protein is a critical component in muscle growth and recovery. Whilst whole food protein sources are indeed key, such as various meats, eggs, dairy and fish, it can be difficult to solely rely on these as you can really only eat so much in a day. The beauty of a protein powder supplement is that you can get an incredible source of protein in a quick and convenient manner that can help you reach your daily protein goal.

Complementing your healthy diet with a protein supplement is key if you’re after serious mass and solid weight gain or if you’re just looking to increase your protein intake given that it’s difficult to take in enough protein from food sources alone.  

Our whey protein powders are the perfect addition to your morning smoothie or mid-day snack, or anytime of the day you need a protein boost!

Want to keep it simple? Just add cold water or skimmed milk. By choosing a protein powder supplement, you’ll be able to get a significant number of grams of complete protein without going to extremes on volume, making it an easy source of protein to consume.